#415 & #416 Simms

Wind was 4 to 5 oscillating on 45 degrees from the SW. First launch was easy and clean but the air was very bumpy. I landed after a few minutes. The second attempt was witnessed by Marek who said the leading edge tucked at the center and never did open to inflate. The wing fell off to the left and I aborted.

I built a wall with the motor and launched without problem. The air was still very mixed but I was able to get above it and flew at 700 feet mostly over the patch. Much higher winds at altitude and still oscillating so after 20 minutes I landed clean.

On approach I saw a sheriff pulling up the the entrance, he waited by the gate while I was packing the wing. I took my time and for some reason he left just as I was ready to leave. Simms is still ours to fly!

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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