Bill & Joe’s Excellent Adventure Day #10

0900 hours

988 nm traveled

188 hours

Avg. speed 5.2 kts

150 nm to destination

Bill said it…WE ARE GALLOPING ! On a close reach for Key West 53 degrees off the wind. If this holds we will be there at 0800 hours tomorrow. I’m betting on 1200 hours. I missed the sunrise again, having pulled 3 hours at the top of the night and another three at the bottom. By 0530 hours I was cross eyed and happy to see Bill.

It is a beautiful morning, warm with partly cloudy skies. Big puffy cumulus looking like chunks of cotton 360 degrees around.

I’m steering by remote control and keeping a couple of points above Key West.

1300 hours 122nm to go

1400 hours Wind has shifted and we are on the long awaited downwind leg. Seas are down to 2 feet. Bill put up the Spinnaker rip and all.

2100 hours Full main, jib and motors running in neutral to charge the batteries. I cooked the last of the Mahi. Good…. but Bill’s was much better I could tell he thought so too. After Dinner we played some cards. I’m going to crash early we are crossing the Gulf Stream in a few hours and it’s always interesting in the Stream.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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