#361 & #362 Chatfield

I met Luc Trepanier and his father for lunch. They have been driving for two days from Quebec and are excited to finally start flying. We talked about the differences in PPG rules in the US and Canada. I was surprised to hear that there are over 500 active pilots in the province of Quebec. After lunch we parted to get ready for the trip. I picked up the caps and patches hit the library and dropped of some comp tickets at Mom’s. There was just enough time to load up the rig and head out to Chatfield to meet up with Luc.
The wind was gusting but came down nicely. Luc went up and came right back down with a lack of power. We fooled with his carb for awhile and I went up to check it out. Mildly bumpy. When I landed Luc tried again and still was underpowered. We tried leaning the mixture and slowly cranking it up but never got it to hold full thrust for an extended period. He flew three times and I flew twice with the Eden III..
I’ve changed the route…instead of going down to Pueblo and flying with Kevin and Jerry, I’m going west to Bluff Utah where I’ll meet up with Stan Honey and the Trepanier’s. If I can get out of here by 8:00am I should be able to make Bluff in time for the evening flight

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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