No Fly Day…

It was just one of those days. The ground was more firm and since I’d added air to the tires…the buggy rolled pretty well. It started calm from the south then when I was finished setting up when a medium sized dark cloud with virga rolled in from the west. I waited for it to pass and launched a pilot balloon. I wasn’t until I went to hook up the glider that I realized that I had brought the 28m Eden III instead of the PP Sting 250. I was willing to try.
So…I Switched the Hang point straps for the smaller wing.

When the cloud passed I was ready. The first launch was aborted when the lines seemed to snag on the cage somewhere. The hang point is higher but not to high…? Later I noticed that the Tubing over the line guides was missing so it might have been thats where the problem was.
The second attempt was a bit scary. The wind had shifted from the West and so I had to either climb or turn in front of the wires. The wing came up ok and I could feel it starting to lift but I started drifting down right after lift off. The buggy touched down on the back right wheel and centered nicely but I was moving fast and It didn’t look good for getting back up and having enough room to turn ….so I aborted.

I’ll try the Eden III again down in the springs east airpark where I have plenty of room for climb out but this wasn’t meant to be.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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