The Gathering at Monument Valley 2008

September 26 27 28


The Gathering at Monument Valley is a non-sponsored event. There is no individual or company charged with monitoring our activities….So protect yourself and our sport by using common sense.

Below are the Ultra Lite procedures for Gouldings Lodge and Trading Post, please print, sign and turn it in at the campground office. Be advised the management expects a large amount of General Aviation traffic over the weekend, fortunately during the first and last hours of daylight the airstrip will be clear of commercial traffic, so we should not be adversely affected. If you desire to go thermal and fly midday, they ask you to launch and fly well clear of the airstrip.



The following are procedures to be used at the Goulding’s airstrip in Monument Valley.

-Overnight camping is allowed only at the campground.

-Please sign foot note below agreeing that the airstrip is “fly at your own risk”.

-Ground equipment(trailers, etc.)should be parked on the west side of the airstrip in the big gravel area south of the windsock. Do not park near the hangar or on the paved areas.

-No overflights in the areas south and west of the runway between the runway and the cliffs(mesas?). Do not “buzz” any of the Goulding’s Lodge buildings.

-Any ground equipment or aircraft that is to be left at Goulding’s airstrip after you leave must be cleared with management.

-The asphalt parking area at the south end of the airstrip is reserved for commuter aircraft and short-term parking. Other aircraft should use the dirt parking area west of the runway.

-No touch and go’s.

-Takeoff is from runway 34 and landing is on runway 16.

-CTAF is 122.9.

-Field elevation is 5,208’. Be aware of density altitude.

-The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a separate entity from Goulding’s Lodge. The park superintendent has asked Goulding’s to please “suggest” to Ultralight individuals that they pay the $5.00 per person entry fee into the park if they plan on flying over the park. All Goulding’s Lodge is doing is following up on the park’s wishes. Goulding’s Lodge has no connection with the operation of the park, or their policies.


[1] I have read and understand these policies. I understand that Goulding’s airstrip is private and is “use at your own risk”.

Signature: Date:


1) What is the Registration Fee?
There is no fee…however the Navajo request a $5 donation for each day you fly into the park. There will be a envelope at the campground office which will be delivered to the Navajo Park Headquarters.

2) What Facilities are available?
Gouldings Lodge and trading post is a self contained village with Motel, Restaurant, Grocery Store, Fast Food, Gas Station and Campground. The campground includes a swimming pool, laundry, gift shop, Internet station and showers. There are also”Porta Johns” located around the campsites.
3) I have not reserved a campsite, can I still come?
YES ! Gouldings has promised plenty of overflow space for late comers.

4) Do I have to stay at Gouldings?
NO…The Navajo Tribal Park has dry camping available on a first come first served basis.

5) Is Aviation gas available at the airstrip?
NO ! If you require av gas….bring it with you.

6) What about the Banquet?
Several people have indicated they would like to attend a group dinnder Saturday night, but not enough for the kitchen to prepare a “Banquet Meal”…NO PROBLEM…The restaurant is going to hold the private room for us and everybody can order off the menu. Sorry …no booze served or brought in. Cocktail parties prior to the Banquet are encouraged.

7) Are there going to be T-Shirts?
Well sort of…A limited supply of Patches and Caps have been commissioned and orders will be taken for the “Official” Long sleeve denim shirt during the weekend.

8) Do I need to drive from the campground to the LZ?
Probably, it’s 3/4 of a mile from the campground to the airstrip. If you have a trike you could probably drive it down but there is a grade and your boots are going to be smoking by the time you get there. Gouldings is going to assign an area at the airstrip where we can “park” our equipment if desired. There will be adequate parking at the airstrip.
10) What if my questions are not answered here?
Call me, I may not know the answer but I’ll try….Joe… 303-594-6319 cell

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