Fight 200 at Simms

The Stock market is bouncing like a super ball…Nobody is buying pianos…. but Today…I celebrate the big 200.

Unfortunately it was not a real noteworthy flight. Launched from Simms at 6 pm. The skies were sporting some bug cumulous and there was the threat of virga to the Northwest. I climbed to 6400 6500 and tested the footsteering. It works but there is too much friction. It’s slow and sluggish. I am getting more travel and the wing turns quicker but it just doesnt feel right yet. I should have tried it with the trimmers out but I’ll leave that untill the next time.

Time to replace the Tach.

Motor is hard to start the first time ,then it’s ok.
The Monument Valley Gathering is next week….4 days till I leave.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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