192 was a morning flight Aug 20th. Chip was going to meet me but had some issue with his reserve and didn’t make it. I put more air in the tires and the buggy accelerated much better, it was rough and the landing was really rough but it helps to reduce the rolling resistance when the field is bumpy. I let the trimmers out and enjoyed the performance of the 28m Eden III. This time I practiced flying lower and after twice getting into bumps to the west at 6300ft went back to the field and areas east. The surprise if the day was broken line on the starboard top cage. I do not think it was a prop strike. The string just broke, maybe I weakened it when I was trying to thread another line to mount the strobe. This afternoon after work before the race I restrung it with 1000lb deep sea line. Much better than factory.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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