#190 & #191

Simms….70 degrees….light breeze from ENE shifting to NE under light cloud cover

Marek had a hard time making up his mind and when he did decide to fly, he “tweaked his back on a very very long run out. I flew for awhile 15 -20 minutes and landed shortly after I saw Marek land. He was being chatted up by some guy that stopped to watch. Seemed like an OK guy ….Biker”.
After a few minutes of chat the wind had come down to almost nothing so I decided to go up again. The wing came up fine but the buggy was having a hard time getting started, I had to do a Fred Flintstone to get it started but I was too late the glider unloaded and did a frontal. I aborted but the wing came down nicely behind and from the pressure on the risers it felt evenly spread so I grabbed the “A”s” and relaunched without even getting out of my seat. Marek said it looked great. Next time I fly Simms I’ll add a little air to the tires and see if that helps the buggy get started
It was a beautiful flight! Just a few mild bumps to keep me honest.I don’t know why but I didn’t let the trimmers out for the whole flight. Looking back I wished I had because I was paying allot of attention to the way the glider didn’t want to turn into the wind. If I’d just thought about it I could have eased the trim and it would have been a nice sporty ride. But…it was slow and mushy and sometimes mushy is OK.
I spent the last 15 minutes doing touch and goes and flying low and slow. I think I circled the field 5 times before I decided to land. Once in awhile the conditions are right to go to the end of the field and float 2 or 3 feet above the earth all the way to the end.
I learned a good trick on landing. I came in cross the wind about 20 degrees and as soon as I touched down I turned into the wind and used brake to keep the wing turning with me. It will be handy when the LZ is not lined up perfectly for an into the wind approach.

Author: JoeO

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