New Strobe

Now that its warmed up I’ve been flying later and later in the day and really should be using a strobe. But…I only need it when I need it and I hate to have equipment hanging on the rig “just for show”I found a strobe thats priced right ($20) and installs in 10seconds. On my FB cage it can be clipped right into the netting andwith a couple of zip ties it could go just about anywhere. I’ve flownit two hours with no visable wear on the netting.Made by Leland, USCG approved and sold at West Marine its designed tobe attached to life vest with a very clean stainless steel clip. Ituses one “D” cell battery.It is visable for slightly more than a 180 degree arc so to get maximum visability you might want to use one on each side up and down.
Here is the link
Photos to follow

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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