Huntmaster! light variable breezes at the surface but mixing air and wild swings shortened this flight. Yesterday I switched back to the 150 and after changing the position on the needle jet I find the best setting is where it was despite the color of the plug.
It was nice to launch from pavement and nobody hassled me including the workers on the unfinished house but I sure didn’t like the air. Right after I took off there was some seriously sinking air that I believe came from the nearby lake. The land sloped down toward the lake and before I started to climb out I was probable 5 or 10 feet lower than where I took off. In the air there were lots of cross currents that kept turning the glider in directions I didn’t want to go. I was also a little concerned about landing but had no trouble setting down on the pavement just a little past the truck. So I didn’t stay up long but it was an OK flight.
After landing I went over to the Park and helped out with the balloons. I met Jim Hill who is going to be the assistant safety officer and Gary (?) who owns the Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival. They are having issues with the FAA and others about security during the Democratic convention.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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