Flight Day #1165

Keith and Angie had been visiting but this morning they were boarding the Key West Express so I looked at the weather and …. Golly ….it looks beautiful.

It’s new into daylight saving so dawn wasn’t until 7:30.am. The winds were down to 0 at launch and built over the 3/4 hour to 7 from the east . The thermal layer was dramatic around 600ft.

Major mistake of the year was launching without the seat belt fastened. It was buckled on the seat and not hanging down so I had to reach behind with one hand and release the buckle. That clunky old thumb lever is genius! It was a non event.

I basically doodled around the patch and checked out the boat yards. The highlight of the day was an amazing new fountain at one of the mansions in the west corner of the meadows. There is an underwater element that look like the pedals of a flower. The effect is a wonderful 3D kinetic marvel that changes as you move around it.

There were two other Pilots all launching solo. The fellow closest to me was a newbie. He has a bit to much confidence due to a private GA License but I think he will do ok. The other was Steve , he chastised me for flying to close to the mansions. MEA CULPA.

It was nice to get back into the air.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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