Flight #1144

Proud of myself. Instead of trying a tricky crosswind launch, I checked my map and discovered that 1/4 mile up the road it turned right into the wind. Looking back I could have moved the set-up 200 ft. farther up so that the trees could have funneled the airflow. Could have caused mechanical rotor at the wingtips. Not sure….

Anyway, the wing came up straight and stable, I powered up and was rewarded with a very fast takeoff. Just a tiny brake input popped me above the trees before I got there. The air was mixing and there were rain showers predicted . I did a lazy lap and set down after 15 minutes. The landing was very slow and soft. I regretted landing so quickly and dawdled around the LZ waiting for the weather to degrade. It didn’t. It stayed at level 3 bumps for 30 minutes before it got too spicy to fly.

Better to be on the ground

Wishing you were in the air.

Then n the air

Wishing you were on the ground

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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