Flight #1117

Well this is a drag. I’ve run out of storage on word press and can’t load photos so I’m not going to be able to upload FlySkyHigh data.

****Update … the storage has been doubled.

It was a pretty short flight. The wind was counter to all the available runways so I had to launch from the field. The weeds are better than a month ago but still not good. Joe and a new guy were on the other side of the ditch so I relocated and set up while they flew off to the beach.

My set-up was a little different in that the wing itself was in a low spot where the prop wash didn’t affect it. It was a clean launch and it made me remember the majority of my flights have been from the grass. It was nice.

It was pretty trashy up to 350. I let the wing fly and fooled with the trimmers. It’s not easy but much better than the original trim cams. I didn’t notice a huge difference with trims out. Nexts flights I’ll learn more. The A assists were too short again and the “nite eyes” were no easier to release than the “sky cruisers. The landing was smooth.

Stats… I climbed to 1750 and max RPM 2900. Flew for 20 minutes

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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