Flight #1107 First flight of the MacPara Colorado XL

At Last!

I’ve been waiting for the field to be cut before flying my new MacPara Colorado XL. It’s been six months since the spring cut and there has been no sign of the mowers. I didn’t want to launch from the asphalt with a brand new wing but it’s clean and without gravel or cracks. I couldn’t wait any longer. So,today was the day.

First light isn’t until 7:15 and I’m used to leaving the house at 6 so I arrived a bit early. The winds were predicted to be light from the NNE but it was 6 WNW. As it got lighter the breeze came down and was starting to shift to the North.

I laid out and after a few glitches was ready to launch . The risers fit the rig without adjusting. I took off the A-assists because they would have needed to be shortened considerably and I figured it would be a good thing to feel the wing come up anyway.

The launch was clean. I rolled as far as the road allowed before popping a little brake and was treated to an amazing climb out. At 3900 RPM my climb rate was between 340 and 400ft/minute. At higher altitude it was a bit less but still an improvement on the APCO. The 2d steering is still a mystery. Maybe, my arms are too short or maybe I just need more time on the wing, because I had a hard time seeing how different positions made for different inputs.

The air was 61 degrees and bumpy at the surface but considerably warmer and smooth at 300 ft.

Nice flight …. Nice wing.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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