Flight #1094

No Drama … Well maybe a little. It was a clear dry and altogether beautiful morning. I launched clean at the main intersection heading into the sun. I then flew over to the golf course north of Gaspirilla Marina and dropped down to 200 ft and carved a few turns around the landscaping crew. At the far North end of the course I spotted a small business jet on final to the jetport. My mistake. I hadn’t paid any mind to where I was crossing the flight path. Dumb Ass. In 7 years I’ve never seen any activity while I was in the area and on the one day I cross the flight path…. They have traffic. I doubt I was spotted and if so, I was well clear when the fast mover was making approach. It was a really dumb move that will not happen again.

Landed with just the brakes at neutral trim and found it well balanced with acceptable pressure.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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