Flight #1091 …… Chunky Air

Attached one A” assist to the second A. Oppps! I remember compensating with a little more reach but the wing popped up smartly and we were accelerating down the runway. The wing was steady overhead the first 200 feet of runway. The last half of the runout was twitchy with gusty air. At 150 ft the wind increased quickly and we were being pulled dramatically to the left. Some of it was torque related but the air was also very active.

Climbing through 400 ft. I noticed the A assist goof. I don’t think it was an issue but the new line was obviously tight and it seemed a good time to test my quick release knots. It worked beautifully. Tension released without any of the problems I’d experienced with previous A assists lines.

I cut this flight a little short. The air was alternating between 2 and 8 on the bump scale. Just about the time, you think your through the layer, bang it’s another pocket of spicy tamales. The clouds were multi layered with small dark puffers starting at 100 meters across.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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