Flight #1080 Chase Cameras and Bluetooth Coms

Some things worked today and other things didn’t.

I got up early and met Rob Nordlund at 6:00am. The air was still and humid. He set up on the road and was off quickly. I followed about 5 minutes later. Take off speed was high, probably due to 100% humidity. I was surprised by the slow climb out and probably should have stayed on the ground longer.

As soon as I was up and had done the post launch checklist, I tried out the Bluetooth cell phone. It worked perfectly. Rob pick up right away and reported that my signal was crystal clear. Success! My chase cam, not so much. Seems I didn’t flake the tow line properly because it wrapped 3 or 4 times around the camera head. It also doubled up which shortened the tow by at least 5 feet. I didn’t save the video which was shaky and erratic. I did keep a few screen grabs .

The flight was good. Despite or maybe because of yesterday’s hurricane, the air was as smooth as butter. Nil wind at the surface and a steady 12 knots above 400 ft.

Rob and I didn’t fly together today but I look forward to seeing some of his LZs south of us.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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