Flight #1076

Weather- Hot, 78 degrees. Humidity 98 percent. High cloud layer with some wispy bands at 150ft. It was so hot and muggy that I chose not to wear the flight suit.

This was the maiden voyage of the Bluetooth helmet. It connected very quickly to the phone and pad and Seri was able to play a specific album on request. The sound was good. I tried to place a call but was not able to get a response from the assistant. Need more practice.

The wing was heavy and sluggish during inflation but it eventually stabilized overhead. The run up and takeoff was fast. The wing oscillated 3 or 4 times, (as predicted by APCO), so I reduced power and raised my hands which allowed it to calm down pretty fast.

Tha air was very stable making for a greasy landing using both WTS and Brakes

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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