Flight #1072

Light breeze from the east. 30 minutes of “church” around the patch. Stayed below 1500 ft. Toward the end it was getting bumpy. Puffs blowing through.

I was able to get more strength into the flare. It was just a matter of planning on using serious force and having the correct arm position to apply pressure.

Walking back to the rig after landing and retrieving the wing bag I discovered that my wing had caught a puff and turtled the Falcon. It cast a funky silhouette and for a second , it looked as though the entire unit had been town apart and was laying in pieces. The rear wheels were in the right place and the seat bottom could have been the motor. It sure looked like something had torn the cage and prop all to hell and gone. Before I could react, I realized what had happened. It just fell over backwards into a turtle. So…. Big Smile and apology to “buddy” because I had seen the possibly of exactly that, right after landing and ignored it. No Damage ….Non event.

There was a nice breeze but the wing was so heavy from the humidity that I couldn’t keep it aloft.

While putting everything away, I received a text from Andy saying that 20 weeks was optimistic for receiving a new Colorado. I asked him to check on availability for a substitute , perhaps a large Charger 2.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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