The Treadmill

Once Upon A Time….

Once upon a time…

There were three brothers Brayden, Braxton and Blake.  They loved going to their grandma’s house and they especially liked staying overnight.


Grandpa had a boat, with three beds. It was mostly cool, except sometimes it sounded like ghosts. Grandma’s had the best bed. It was the coolest bed in the whole wide world!  The brothers would fight over who got Grandma’s bed.  At one end there were pillows and stuff, at the other end, was a space ship, with screens and lights and lots of buttons.  

See….The boys figured, that if they visited often enough, they would finally discover out how to launch the spaceship.  One time, after Brayden found the electric plug, Braxton did something with the buttons and the engine started! But … they didn’t go anywhere.  They knew, sooner or later, if they visited often, they would fly to Mars.

And, if they didn’t…    Well….. they’d just have to steal Grandpa’s boat and sail to Key West!
P.S.  Their Mom And Dad liked the Rocket Bed too but that’s a story for another time.

Author: JoeO

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