Flight #1067

I forgot to stop for gas so I wasn’t sure how much was in the tank. It was reading 1/4. After 15 minutes of flight it was reading empty. Later, at the house, I drained the tank which had a little over a gallon. So… my reserve is probably good for about an hour at cruise (3200 rpm) . Not a bad thing.😄. The flight was good. The air was smooth and I was sorry to land so quickly but at least now, I know what’s in the tank when it first reads empty.

Another thing of note was that I discovered some wear on my riser at the hang point. Exactly the kind of wear that caused Tony’s rig to fail. Fortunately I found it before any action worthy damage was done. A small zip tie was the problem and it was easily repositioned.

Preflight / Postflight . It’s important to keep an eye on your equipment.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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