Flight #1065

Somewhat less than perfect. The first launch was aborted when I noticed that the left riser was twisted. It’s good that I spotted it, because after launch it could have been very uncomfortable.

Second attempt was clean. The air was bumpy below 500 ft. And the winds increased as I ascended. The higher I went … the stronger it blew. I set the trim to full reflex and slowly worked my way back to the LZ. Looking at the surface, the ponds didn’t have a ripple and the windsock was barely moving but it was close to 30mph at 1000 ft.

I descended into rowdy air at 400 feet and lurched my way around to a good landing by the truck. Shortly after landing the wind started to fill in. I kited for a bit and loaded up. By the time I was finished the breeze had filled in at the surface to about 12 mph.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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