Preflight…the hang points have been moved forward 3/8th inch to raise the front wheel slightly. Idle has been decreased slightly and cable adjusted to correct lost motion. Replace nose wheel tube and tire.

Weather is predicted to be perfect. 4 mph out of the south west. 80 degrees. Leaving early to rig cameras.

When I arrived at 4:45 , there was a fellow kiting at the field. Turns out he was waiting for Joe Tayler and a couple of fellows who were going to get a demo. The wind was approx 8 to 10 and twitchy. I decided to take my time and let it mellow a bit.

I left them to their devices and went to the Lee side of the field to set up. The launch was fine and I noticed the front wheel getting lite just before lift off. In flight I was not able tell if the front of the trike were any higher. Maybe… just a tad. It did feel better and I’ll make several flights before considering changing it.

The air was mostly smooth with the occasional bump. The winds were decreasing, at launch it was approx 5 mph. Not mentioned earlier, but adjusting the steering bars back and raising the heel loops, made for a much more comfortable ride and more control on the ground.

Joe Taylor is looking good. Look fast and find him starting in the top right corner.

Joe Taylor makes a rapid decent.

Landing was better but there is room for improvement. The decent at idle is fast and I’m starting the flare too early. Next time try a little more power.

Tech note….. Change the “cruise control” mounting to allow loop over the end of the throttle lever…. I think it’s backwards.


Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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