Dear Stefania … Milestone Flight #1030

I start this post with a shout out to my daughter and only follower , Stefania McNosky.

Stef, you rock! Carrying identical twin girls during this crazy uncertain time just reminds me that, “life goes on”.

You are my Hero! Be careful and enjoy your up-coming Baby Shower.

Today’s flight broke a long grounding, due to my second belly surgery. It’s been 2 months since the procedure and just like the last time, “I’m turning the corner”, with just a little time till the next surgery. I have 32 days to enjoy life and strengthen up. Then, I go back to the Cleveland Clinic and have the ileostomy taken down. With luck, life will start getting back to normal in time for Election Day.

Meanwhile…. Today’s flight, while successful, was not pretty. The first launch attempt was aborted when the prop wash caught the wing prematurely, I rolled down the runway for 150 ft trying to get control of the wing and I never did feel it. As a matter of fact, it turned upside down before I stopped. The second attempt was successful but again, I was wrestling the wing and forcing the take off. I couldn’t hold a straight line and probably launched with too much thrust and mid-oscillation. Ugly!

(Note for the next flight. Try laying the wing completely flat and launch off the grass, if that’s what it takes, to be perfectly lined up in the direction of the wind.) Skills in general were rusty. I got off the A’s too soon and didn’t turn and twist to see the wing.

The erratic roll-out is obvious .

I think the whole problem starts when the wing catches the prop wash. I didn’t have time to get a good hand position on the brakes and A’s before the wing was moving.

Once Up, I flew around the patch for 30 minutes. My impressions were; the new 35HP motor torques the rig significantly more than the 31 HP did. It was especially noticeable during take off when I was deep in the brakes and forcing the launch. Once up, I used both sides to trim straight line flight while at 3500 rpm. Later, at level flight I was able to balance the trim with much less use of the trimmers.

Lift was impressive pushing 400fpm and sink was 600. Future flights will harden those numbers. The breeze was increasing and thermals were starting to pop at 7:50 when I landed.

Things to remember for the next.

1. Leave readers in truck.

2. Bring GoPro

3. Before starting the motor, take a minute to visualize the launch. Hand position…. turning the head and torso to see the wing…

4. Need to increase spring loading on the throttle. Way to touchy!


Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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