Flight #1007

Safe Cove Boatyard

This flight was ….just because.

The wind was swinging 90 degrees East to North. I set up and was ready to go before I noticed the first swing and thought I had it figured, twice, before it finally settled down and blew a steady 4 mph from the East. This was probably a good thing because while I was setting and resetting the wing I had time to find and loose the 30 or so fire ants I’d picked up while putting up the wing sock. Eventually I was able to launch without drama.

The wing continues to pull to the right. Planning to check with Terry Lutke about lowering the right hang point or moving one of the power loops to compensate for the torque. Also….. It needs a bit of one wrap at the reserve bridal (top left).

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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