Flight 1002

It was like old times. Mike , Mike, Bob the Pilot and Ty drove down to fly with us at Placida. I drove through a short, strong rain on Gaspirilla Road and there were boomers were boiling off the coast. We waited and watched the sky and eventually determined that it wasn’t getting any worse. Mike was first up. While I was ramping the Falcon I heard him fly over and holler at us to get in the air. I moved 1000 feet to the north to get a better line and launch without drama.

The air was a little switchy below 300 feet so I climbed to 1500 where it was all good. I could see it was raining between Gasparilla Island and the mainland. There was virga to the East. Not the best conditions for an Epic flight. Mike and Bob were playing down low in the swamp. I pulled some long slow spirals while watching Mike Lange do a long, long foot drag across the big pond. As I descended he moved to the LZ and landed. The turbulence was strongest at 300. It was time to get out of the sky.

Twenty minutes later we spotted Ty coming back from a high flight. His landing was fast and rough and I shouted “whoa” when I heard his Titanium Frame pounding in. No damage. Turns out he broke both trimmers while doing some hard wingovers and had to land on the “Ds”.

Later we all went to the spinnaker for breakfast and talked about possible x-countries.

It’s all good.

Photo credit Ty Jenkins

Photo credits Bob the Pilot

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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