Going for Altitude at Placida 

Flight 984

This was a good one.  Launched Into light easterly and climbed 6000 on the way to Gaspirilla.  Then I turned back to South Gulf Cove and climbed to 8000.  Averaged 225 ft/min climb.  The decent was lovely.

Below are quotes from the Facebook Group “Paramotor self trained”.  Doh…  These guys are going to be the reason the FAA STARTS TAKING INTEREST IN US…..

Pilot A

Have any of you has close calls that scared the crap out of you?I want to get into this but saw a wing collapse on you tube.Its looks fun besides the falling to your death part.I think I will just fly low over water to be safe unless that thing makes you sink like a rock
Pilot B

I’ve had a couple of close calls while training without even ever taking off. But that was to be expected going into this (I fully understood and accepted the danger I’d be putting myself into before starting). One time, the winds picked up a little bit and it was getting afternoonish and I got swept up while ground handling and there were three sequential gusts in a row that took me way up above the tree line long before I could react and kill the wing. Luckily instead of panic, I was able to let go and focus and pull on the brake toggles to feel the controls and turn the glider around to have more room and glide down and flare for the landing and run it off. Another time I was practicing free flying and clipped the tip of my wing on the very top of a very tall light pole (I was certain I’d clear it but the wing is bigger than expected). I was totally fine in both cases but did have to send in my wing for repair on the second one. Accept these things as a possibility (or far worse…. or smooth sailing for that matter) and proceed, or like other said if you cannot accept that and don’t feel comfortable with every fiber of your being, try an instructor in a more controlled environment.

Author: JoeO

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