#979 Placida.

I haven’t flown for a couple of weeks , mostly due to weather.  After 10 months of drought we now have daily downpours.    Yesterday morning, I was met with 6 inches of standing water at the Peachtree LZ.  The thermals would have been popping within an hour, so there wasn’t time to try Placida.  I had to drive home unsatisfied.  No big deal just a No Fly Day.

Placida is 20 minutes farther away but the surface has good drainage and the asphalt  has just been resurfaced.  It’s a wonderful place to fly , a couple sections of mowed fields and miles of fresh runways that point in every direction.  It just doesn’t get any better.  If you want to do a cross country, the Gaspirilla causeway is a couple of miles to the west.  From there you can follow the beach for miles down Gaspirilla Island or go North up to Englewood.

I launched just after sunrise, right down the runway into 6 mph of wind.  The air was mildly bumpy with wispy little clouds at 1000 feet.  I could feel the moisture being pulled from the surface as the sun started cooking.  A haze developed between the surface and 500 feet within 5 minutes of launch.  Among the building cumulus clouds there were a few tall structures that looked like albino man-o-war jellyfish, the tendrils of virga hanging down.  Twenty-five minutes was enough to scratch my itch and the air was starting to get rowdy so I decided to land before it got a little too thrilling.  Good call, I flew through sinking air on final and dropped from 40 to 5 feet in a heartbeat.   With brake and throttle I leveled out and floated two feet above the surface, right up to the truck.  Sweet!

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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