Flight #975 Peachland

Dawn overslept.  I didn’t take time to “gear up”, no garmin, no gopro, and only had the iPhone. Was not comfortable without a camera tether.  BUT…

It was a nice flight.  Bout 30 minutes.

Saw some good sized wild pigs and will have to go back there with the GoPro.  They’re really skittish and quick and fast as pronghorns.  I watched two run like hell through some tall grass: they plowed right through.  It looks like a large family, maybe 12 animals but  it will be hard to bunch them up, because they won’t be slowed by natural barriers.  They’ll go right under a fence without loosing speed and dodge around objects that the Pronghorn would have to jump over. It will be fun to try and sneak up on them, the next time I’m over here.

No Mechanical issues except vibrations in 3200rpm range.


Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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