972 Another short one at Peachland

I spent several hours balancing the prop and adjusting blade pitch.  The prop balancer tool was giving me fits until I took off the donut but eventually after spraying and sanding half the night,  I was able to reduce the vibration dramatically.    I didn’t get to bed until 1:00am but it was well worth it.

Arrived at Peachland LZ at sunrise.  The wind was light from the South East and increased slightly while I set up.  The launch was clean.  At 500 feet there was a bumpy layer and a the wind increased to 20+.  I climbed to 1000 where it was much smother but I was only penetrating at 6 to 8 mph.  Since the winds were expected to increase and up wind was a congested area, I chose to enjoy the view parked over the field for a few minutes and then land.  I would have liked to run North East into the open but at 55mph I would have been down range in no time and it would have been a long hard flight back to the LZ.  I could imaging me landing in Arcadia and hitching a ride back to town.

On the surface the wind had picked up considerably so it looks like it was a good call.

Good thing….. I got to flight test my work and got my flying fix.

Bad thing … I only got 4 hours sleep.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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