Short Bumpy Flight #963

Bumpy Night

#963. Shell Creek

I’ve been playing invalid for 6 days, nursing a sore groin and sporting a seriously bruised thigh.  The puncture where they inserted the cardiac catheter is barely noticeable and I suspect the whole affair had more impact on my head than anything else.
So after a frustrating day arranging a Doctors appointments and lining up boat detailers,  I jumped into the truck and headed out to the field.  The wind was 7 mph from the west.  In the past I’ve turned back when faced with launching across the runway and toward the skydiving operation, but today I decided to go for it.
Luck was with me because while I was unloading the wind shifted and I was able to set up more down the runway than across it.  Unfortunately the air was shifty and bumpy all the way up to 1000 feet.    I turned back and landed after 7 minuted.  According to the FlySkyHy App it was indeed lifty sinky air.
No Drama.

I question the max lift and sink rates … These numbers could be a random bump from the barometer

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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