#957 Shell Creek

20 minutes
54 degrees
light wind

This was a last minute thing.   There is a cold front moving through and its been overcast and dreary all day.  About 3:00 it started to lift and by 5:00 I was off to the races.  Happily there wasn’t anything going on at the airpark.  I was afraid that the sky divers would be out in force but nope…. just me and a couple of Sand Hill Cranes.
Launch was clean.  I played around the patch … took a few photos … and enjoyed a nice cool flight.
No Drama.  Oh yea,  I was playing with using the tip steering and the brakes together.   It didn’t feel natural but I think if I change the length of the Stabilio line it might work.  On landing I let go of the tip steering at the beginning of the flare because i would have pulled a lot of tip before ever activating the brake.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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