916 Shell Creek

No Drama but a good short flight with a bumpy layer at 50 feet.  I set up for landing and after passing through the layer it smoothed out enough that I decided to turn it into a touch and go.  Brian would have said the climb out was a little rowdy.  🙂   I was comfortable and even enjoyed the change up.

Tony and I spent some time kiting after having no joy with the Trike Buddy.  The issue is now a rough running motor.  I have cleaned it up, checked the air filter drained the tank and carberator bowl.  The needle valve is moving freely.  
I think we have the traction issue solved by tightening the lashings,  this will tension the fiberglass rods transferring the load to the Trike Buddy..  I noticed that Tony’s rig was not tensioned. (Thanks to Leon Wacker for saving me the time to figure that one out by guess and by golly.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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