887 Placida

Short Flight.  The wind was blowing just over my comfort zone so I put Beau on 50 feet of line and set up the wind sock.  My  phone rang and I spent the next 45 minutes talking while the wind and sun came down.  By the time I hung up, the sun was almost touching the horizon, there was just a hint of wind blowing from the West which fortunately, was right down the runway.  There was no time for the GoPro, iTunes, Earbuds, FlySkyHi or anything else that I liked to play with prior to flying.   
I grabbed the ear-cups, strapped in and launched.    I flew west toward the sun and tried to climb fast enough to keep the sun above the horizon.  Its possible, but not at 14 mph ascending at 250 ft/min.  I did however,slow it down a bit.
The landing was sweet.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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