882 & 883

So …. It’s been a good week for flying.  

Sunday night and Monday morning with Tommy, in his WST.

Then that evening and the next two mornings back in the Falcon.  
Yesterday AM I went to 3000ish feet mostly because there was a strong breeze and I didn’t want to get caught downwind.  Nice flight.  

                         Building a dragon

The battery was acting up, it had barely enough power to do a cold start, even after spending the night on the charger.  I stopped at Batteries plus, where they checked the battery.  It’s good and it’s getting a charge from the motor.  So, it’s possible that my old charger has failed.  I was going to say “shit the bed” but there might be children reading this some day. :)….. Anyway … I picked up a new charger.

This morning I launched into nill wind and didn’t start feeling the SSE breeze until 100 feet up.   I crabbed over to the Track and Trail with the wing in full reflex and then went “all closed” for the return flight.  Acending to 2500 ft where I stayed until I got over the field.  It should be noted that I exceeded 300 ft/min climb at 3500rpm this morning.  The ground was warmer than it has been and there wasn’t a thermal layer as a result.  It was a nice change, flying low.  I did spot a large house that looked like either fire or the hurricane had totaled it. 

Tech note… The new Beat Studio Wireless headphones are not appropriate for aviation.

The airstrip is low.  My toe is touching the northern edge.

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