No Fly Day

Yesterday was a bust.  I had to be at Burnt Store Marinia at first light to drop off a fisherman so I figured that I should make the best of it and try and get in a flight.  So… I posted on Facebook to see if anyone had an LZ close by.  Sure enough, within 5 minutes I had a suggestion and after checking it on Google Maps, I was sure it would be appropriate for me and the Falcon.  It’s all good.

I dropped off my buddy and arrived at the field just as the sun was breaking the horizon.  There was a light breeze and a nice field that would allow me to launch into the wind and still avoid the wires.  So, I unloaded and set up for take off and just as I was about to launch, a rather irate fellow walked up with his dog and demanded to know why I though I could fly from there.  He had obviously had run ins with us before and was on a mission to stop PPG flights near his home.  He proceeded to tell me that there had been 5 or 6 guys out there who were tearing it up and making themselves a nuisance.  The cops had been called and if I were to launch …. They would be called again.  I really didn’t want to escalate the situation, this wasn’t my field, I probably wouldn’t be flying here very often, if ever, and I hadn’t been involved with stirring up the natives in the first place.  So I did what I could to calm the guy down and loaded back up.  I had received another address a few blocks east, closer to the Harbor so I drove down there to check it out.  It was marginal,  there were wires on all four sides and no place for an emergency landing once I crossed the wires.  It would have had to have been, one of those launches where you start a turn as soon as you get off and corkscrew for awhile until you have cleared the wires and have enough altitude to venture off.  There was also a work crew in the field, shortening the runway even more.  I decided to save it for another day.  Perhaps when Paul or some of the other guys want to come here.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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