Home from Jamaica ….. Ya Mon

The RUI Negril on the West coast of Jamaica. 

All of us competed serious sessions of sport tanning.  Myself, a proponent of active tanning could not help but to appreciate the facilities, this was certainly the most well appointed “Static Tanning Veneu” in the Caribbean.  There was an in-pool bar to keep everybody hydrated and talented performers working the crowd.  We were entertained by “paddle board jousting”, trivia, beer chugging, water aerobics and the occasional good book.  
One word of warning.  The only way to get a drink was to swim to the bar.  Be careful to empty your pockets before strolling over to the bar to get your partner a drink.   Sport Tanning wasn’t the only activity, between our competition to achieve a beautiful bronze, we enjoyed scuba diving , sea yakking, snorkeling and lots of catamaran sailing.  
This end of the island is primarily private homes and resorts with little in way of commerce.  There were a few restaurants but not so much in the way of traditional brick and mortar.  Negril retail has evolved into bamboo shacks lined up at water line between the resorts.  A walk along the beach was an adventure in the art of hustling   Any transaction you might desire, the Jamaicans were honor bound to provide, if you were looking for clothing or trinkets, cheap beaded jewelry or wood carving … No Problem Man.  Maybe a little ganja?  Hash? Women? Men?  Speedboat ride?  Ya Mon…. No Problem… I have a friend who has a boat.

Excursions of note:
Taxi ride around the West End.  We visited a bar called Xtaba who featured  a stairway leading down from the bar to a cave that is open to the sea. We only stayed for a minute but I swear that it’s on my bucket list for another visit.

A booze cruise out to Famous Rick’s Cafe to buy T-shirts and watch the Cliff Divers.

The pictures are going to be from GoPro and possibly sea Life digital.

At the RIU Resort in Negril Jamaica. It’s a lot like being 

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