721 to 727 Shell Creek

Lots of good morning flying.  I’ve broken discipline and am not posting after every trip to the field.

The last several flights have all been at Shell Creek.  Mostly alone but sometimes with Others.  Larry came out one morning to watch when Paul C drove up from Pine Island.  Paul had bad morning when his motor died shortly after take off.  He came down 1000 yards past the southern end of the runway into a boggy mess.  He later said it looked good and I agree … I would have landed there …
And probably it would have been a rude awakening like I got at Winter Park that time I landed in a bog.
Bob Harrison came out with Mike last Sunday… Very enthusiastic guy with lots of airtime in DC-3s HE HAS lesS than 20 hours in PPG but he knows avaition and has a good feel for the wing.  
Today Mike Lange was kind enough to weld up my cage where it attaches at the bottom.  Thanks Man…
The sky divers are going to be watching us for awhile.  I hope we surprise them with our “respectfulness……

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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