707 North Port Charlotte

The last three flight have all been at the NPC LZ that Mike showed me.  It’s confined and if the wind changes direction or picks up over 8 or 10 MPH the mechanical rotor will be a problem.  But… it’s 20 minutes from home and very close for Mike.

 On flight 703 I discovered that I had stepped on a fire ant colony while I was gearing-up.  Everything was wonderful, the take-off was clean and I was climbing to altitude before heading off to explore. At 550 feet I felt the first bite, it was sharp like a shot but it was also hot.  I jerked and pulled at my pants thinking that something might be pinching me but almost immediately came bites 2 through 10 and I let go of the brakes and was smacking at my leg like it was made of wood.  Eventually I managed to smash the invaders inside my blue jeans.  Later when I got home I could see the bites starting at my sock line and thinning as they marched north.  NOTE TO SELF… When your outdoors …. look before you stop, you might be standing in a fire ant colony.

My new wing man Mike Lange

After Flight Hot tub action

Author: JoeO

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