596 …. 597 …. 598 …. Vance Brand

This was another good one.  Dawn and I got to the field by 2:30 and the gang was already there.  Robert’s new student Patrick was going for his first flight and Marek was going to try out the trike buggy for the first time.  The wind was moderate from the North East and cycling between 3 and 8 mph about every 5 minutes.  I kited for awhile and Dawn played with Beau.  Robert worked with Patrick and we all waited for the air to settle down.
Marek was the first off and reported good air.  I set up behind Patrick and after a couple of attempts he was off .  My first launch was clean.  I had not flown the Eden III since the accident at Titan last fall.  Michelle had done a nice job repairing it and today the conditions were perfect to transition from the Power Play.  There was just enough wind to keep the wing from doing a frontal if the trike was slow to get rolling.  I set up with a slight chevron and the launch was clean.
The second flight was the same and so was the third.
Marek almost didn’t get off with a 24 m reflex and his climb was slow but he got a taste of trike flying and I won’t be surprised to see him flying with a friend on board real soon.
Patrick’s second flight was cut short when his throttle went into the prop while he was getting into his seat.  He landed out without further  damage or injuries.  When I spotted him and Robert in the field to the North I did a slow circle for the video.
Returning from the south I had to loiter a bit while a large stick of sky divers descended on the field.  It was too far out to make good video but in real life it was great


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