Powered Paragliding Vance Brand 577

This morning was calm at Vance Brand. 

I arrived later than normal and was in a hurry to get set-up and launched before it got thermal.  The field was wet with dew and there was a thick haze to the east.  I was frustrated by the tough low weeds that kept hooking my lines during set-up and spent several minutes working to get them ready to fly free during inflation.
It didn’t work…. The first launch was aborted when the wing came up high on the right .  Probably some lines on the left were snagged.  I tried to recover the launch but was wasn’t worth the risk.
The second attempt was flawless.  I climbed to 1000 feet with smooth air all through the accent.  Returning to the field 40 minutes later I encountered some bumps at 400 feet as it was beginning to get thermal.
When I landed I took a wrap on the brakes and had enough flair authority to fly along the surface for several hundred yards under power.  Flying such a heavy unit makes this kind of fine control much harder.  It will be interesting to try it with the Eden III.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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