574 & 575

Wow !  This was exciting.  The first launch was to the East with mild winds.  I quickly saw that two of the lines were tangled and so I turned back to the field.  No big deal but I didn’t want to fly with the wing out of balance.  I landed without mishap and noticed that the skydivers had set up an extra tent for spectators.  
After clearing the lines I launched 180 degrees from the first flight.  Funky winds.
I headed toward the fishing lake and encountered some very turbulent air.  The trike was swinging big time and the wing was being pulled hard to the side.  I gently eased it around and headed back to the field.  It is an often over used term but I felt like a puppet on a string .  Bounced to the left and right.  Being lifted at over 400 feet per minute and dropped accordingly.  I don’t have a good reason but I was not freaked out like I have been the last few times that I’ve been in ratty air.  I was swinging but … ok … I was hanging under the wing but it was well loaded and even though it wanted to fly in a different direction … it was flying.  Perhaps I’m finally getting a little bump tolerance.  When I got back to the field the winds had increased dramatically.   they were coming from the west and I was barely penetrating.  With the trimmers full out I began to move forward and set up to land by the truck.  As I was descending the gust passed and I landed 100 feet beyond my mark. 
I waited a few minutes and re set.  the second launch was fine but after flying over the windsock I think it was 60 degrees cross wind.  The wing did come up high on one side but I was able to bring it overhead with some hard brake input.  It was a great flight.  Lots of bounce but I was good. 
When I landed the second stick of skydivers were landing.  It’s all good

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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