#565 Vance Brand

I awoke with the star Betelgeuse shining in the bedroom window.  Dawn was asleep and i didn’t see any way that I was going back to sleep so I packed up and headed out to Vance Brand……Set and ready by 6:15.  The first launch was aborted after trying far too long to save it.  I even went so far as to reacquire the A’s and try to get the wing back overhead.  What I think happened is that some lines on the right side got hooked in the weeds causing the wing to come up very high on the left.  There was absolutely no breeze and when the wing fell back it was playing “push me pull you” with the prop wash.  I do remember seeing the right side collapse forward so it’s possible the cart decelerated and the high side overshot.  Anyway I launched and headed of to the South East at 150 feet.  It was a joy to fly low because i was able to see what was going on below me.  People were heading off to work… Kid were leaving for school.  At one little “house on the prairie”  I roused a bunch of kids who ran out into the front yard to greet me.  The Balloons were flying either way too high or playing down low over the neighborhoods,  so I decided not to hook up and headed back toward the LZ.
When I returned to Vance Brand there was a wing layed out.  I circled and landed.  The wing turned out to be a new pilot who was going on his 2nd or 3rd flight with the ppc.  Turns out he was a hanger partner with Barney and Craig.  Experienced Ultra light pilot but new to Para Flight.  Good launch
I turned home.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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