#541 & #542 Vance Brand

I awoke at 4 am and couldn’t for the life of me get back to sleep so I packed up the rig and was at Vance Brand by 5:30.  It was perfectly calm and 60 degrees.  The first take off was perfect. The wing came up fast, I pulled some brake, slowed down and got everything stable then added power and launched.  The climb was about 250 ft/min and the air was smooth as butter.  After a couple of laps I noticed that I had neglected to put on the Fortrex and since there was somebody pulling into the field I cut power and set up for a landing.   It was a horrible landing.  I don’t know if my skills have degraded from not flying or I was not paying attention but I didn’t use enough brake and landed hard bouncing back up and moving way to fast. 
Robert Kitilla was there with a wanna be, we chatted about the virtue of buying a new wing and or motor vs. used.  I of course was on the side of buying new since a two stroke is going to fail sooner than later and Robert was pitching a new wing …. because … well because he sells new wings. 🙂
A few minutes later Marek arrived.    We embraced and spent a few minutes catching up.  His wife is leaving the work force to study radiology so he is going to be on a short financial leash for the next couple of years.  We both joked about flying wings that wouldn’t pass an inspection.

The second flight was a long cross country out toward Boulder Res.  I wasn’t proud of the launch because I touched down twice having let the wing oscillate.  If I had been patient and slowed down allowing the wing to steady up … it would have been a much prettier and safer launch.  
Once up Marek and I flew south to where there were 5 balloons flying.  We both picked the closest one and did a fly by.  They waved back in a friendly manner so I do not think they were concerned to have us in their airspace.

Marek is going to send some video …
All in all … it was good to be back in the air after such a long dry spell.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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