Powered Paragliding at Vance Brand #538

It was 42 degrees at home when I left for Vance Brand Airport.  At Vance Brand it was 32 degrees.  Damn ,I hadn’t prepared for flying in weather this cold.  The weather prediction was for high winds but right now the wind was very light and running perfectly to use the road as a runway.  The take off was smooth, the wing came up so clean and straight and I had to check to make sure that it was really stable and overhead ….I did pop up and touch down but there was no torque, so I guess moving the right hang point forward was the right thing to do.  Once up… it was smooth but blowing much harder than at the surface.  I stayed below 1000 feet and practiced carving turns with the trimmers in.  It was amazing how much higher the wind was just above the surface. I was looking at the wind sock just barely lifting the tell tails while at 200 ft AGL it was topping 40 mph on the gps.  During the 40 minute flight it shifted 180 degrees and I felt several “bangs” where the convergence was happening.   The landing was picture perfect I could hardly feel when I touched down.  Nice flight… WhenI got back to Boulder the winds had picked up close to 20 mph.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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