# 504 Dingy Night

First Evening Flight of the summer
At Five O’Clock I was watching the winds at Chatfield.  It was blowing hard at the apartment but it was showing 4 to 0 at the South Chatfield.  I was torn, looking out from my balcony I saw alot of wind blown clouds to the east,  toward Chatfield it wasn’t so bad. BUT… I was thinking that the air was going to be unstable.  I texted Mike with no response but John Sieb called back and agreed to meet at Titan at 7:00.

 When we arrived at the field the winds were light from the South.  John launched first planning to fly over to the castle at Daniels Park.  He would be traveling cross wind and if the winds acted as we expected would have a nice slide back to the LZ.  I launch 10 minutes later and headed over to the park to check out the dingy races.  The air was smooth  with a mild southerly breeze.

 There they were having a perfect floater. No wind on the lake at all.  I was feeling 8 to 10 at 300 feet but the air was smooth.

 After 30 minutes of watching the dingys and overflying the campground it started to get twitchy.  The wing was being swung hard left and right.  So… I started to head back to the LZ.  The last ten minutes were very active flying.  It was especially bad over by the inlet where winds from the cut were mixing with the air from the flats.  I turned back to the East and bounced my way back toward the LZ where the landing was without event.  It was mixing at 100 feet and had shifted from SSE to WSW but had settled down as I came in to land. 

John wasn’t back but I decided to head over to the lake to say hi to the dingy racers.  When I got there the winds were hard from the North.  I spent a few minutes chatting with Robert Kline and Bob Maloff and because I was sure John would have to land out headed back to the truck to check in. He called a few minutes later having successfully landed at Titan in 15 mph winds.  It was all good.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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