#490 #491 Titan

Another one just like the last one !  
Nil winds, Blue sky, and smooth air. 

I launched at 6:00am and headed right off to where a balloon was descending at the north end of the lake.  By the time I had crossed the inlet he had climbed 1500 feet and I powered up to meet them.  This guy didn’t seem concerned by me flying around so I did a couple of circles around him and passed above and below.   When I was above I took care not to pass directly over to avoid getting bumped by his exhaust.  They were waving and taking pictures when I departed with an hard banking dive.
My issues with electronics is ongoing.  I charged the camera battery last night and forgot to put it back this morning.  Unplugged it from the wall, just didn’t put it back in the camera  DUH ?  I did have the GPS and that was a good thing! 
The second flight was a short one just to get one more on the log.  I would like to do my 500th flight at the Fly-In.
1)  The risers are coming apart again.  Stichlines repaired them last month because they were becoming unstiched where the trim buckle pulls down.  This time I’m going to do it my self and wrap it with wax thread so that there is a spot for the buckle.
2)  Mike needs to weld the spot on the inner hoop on the left side.
3) Both back tires are losing air.
4) The kill switch needs to have the button glued to keep it from pressing down into the grip.
5)The throttle lever is blocking with the toggle handle.  new lever is probably the only fix.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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