Kangook Paramotor Trike

The Kangook is everything that the Falcon is not.

Elisabeth Guerin
 Kangook is imported and sold by Eric Dufour of Paratour in Christmas Florida … http://www.paratour.com
From the minute we took it out of the shed I knew I was going to like this paramotor.  It is extremely light and so well balanced that pulling it around by the front wheel is effortless.  The frame and cage are the standard  Kangook that I saw at the Salton Sea.  There are three identical cage pieces making it easy to assemble.  The footlaunch unit has multiple hangpoints but this one was configured with solid bars similar to the “Power Loops” that Chad Bastian uses on the trike buggy.  Because Elisabeth’s machine is dedicated to the trike it has a bucket seat with a simple 3 point seat belt.  There is a foot activated brake on the nose wheel that allows the pilot to get situated and even run up the motor a bit before starting to roll.  Fiberglass rods provide suspension and the trike’s frame geometry insures rigidity.


The Polini motor is brand new to paramotoring but the company has been making motors for Vespa and others since the 40s.  They are reputed to be very reliable scooter motors and if they do as well in the PPG world… a new standard will be set.  Watch out Simonini !  The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to start.  I was able to sit down, reach over my shoulder and pull the starter cord very easily.  A new “Flash” starter is being introduced that will make it 75% easier.  This… I  have to see.   The second thing that caught my attention was how it sounded, it was more like a sewing machine than a two stroke, you couldn’t make a cell calls but it was much quieter than expected with little vibration.  The RPM is higher than other machines I’ve flown but  it was …oh so smooth.  According to Polini the 115 cc Thor 100 provides 140lbs of thrust with a 51 inch prop, I;m not sure what I was flying, but it would have been plenty at my home field of 5800 ft/ agl. The Walbro carb on my old snap 100 was problematic but this was sweet and the powerband was smooth from top to bottom.  I’m used to a 4 stroke generator motor where you have to anticipate every move, with the POLINI I can envision flying Glamis at six inches.  Nap of the earth at 25 mph!  The centrifugal clutch was a nice touch and a  great safety feature.  I can see myself using it foot launch when there is a breeze and using trike the rest of the time.
Footlaunch is KING !
Manual Start Electric Start

Motor: Polini Thor 100 (115cc)
Performance: Power: 20,5 HP at 8900 RPM
Carburetor: Walbro WB8
Exhaust: tuned
Reduction: 3,43
Empty Weight: engine 11.8Kg
Max. Weight: 22Kg frame and harness
Thrust: 59-64 kg with 130cm Propeller
Fuel Consumption: 2.7 L per hour at 6500 RPM
Propeller (2 Blade): Wooden or Carbon 125cm or 130cm n/a
Electrical System: Generator for 12v power
Tank: 13 Litre
Construction: A6 Aviation alloy
Propeller Frame: double hooped, 3 piece

I love my 4 stroke…
but the Polini 
had me Jones-ing for the good ol days! 
Maybe some day…
when I have a man cave again… 
I’ll give up my “Sky Harley”
and buy one of these
sweet little spaghetti burners.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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