#481 Titan

It was blowing
8 to 10 knots SE and gusty when I got to the field.  Yesterday it was six layers cold at the lake, tonight it was 67 degrees…. You have got to love spring in colorado.

3 layer cold
6 layer cold
I unloaded and was sitting on the tailgate when John Sieb showed up.  We chatted for 20 minutes when John decided to go for it.   Beautiful high wind reverse!  10 minutes later it was cycling lower and I set up.  During a lull I launched.  The wing came up and stabilized overhead but the buggy wasn’t rolling.  I did a little shrug and got moving.  The climb was weak just like last time at snowflake.  RPMs are good so I’m thinking it had to do with the throttle being restricted from opening all the way.  It might be as simple as the velcro is interfering with the toggle and I’m not able to squeeze the throttle lever all the way.

home field

The are was pretty turbulent below 300 feet but above it was just blowing.  I didn’t travel very far from the patch and when I did get north of Titan I was barely it was a chore to get back. The landing was very steep and when I touched down there was no roll except to roll back a few feet while I deflated the wing.
John came crabbing back from the East and also had a no step landing.
Good flights … no damage to men or equipment.
Now it’s time to get ready to fly with Eric and the Orlando boys.

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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