#479 Snowflake

Blast off….No Kidding  !

Finally a March Flight… It was 43 degrees when I arrived at the field at 7:30.  The winds were out of the west blowing 12 gusting to 15.  Mike called and said that he was running late, I told him to take his time.  8:15… Mike and I were, “outstanding in our field”, watching the winds blow.
8:25… Wind shifts to the north and drops to 2-4
8:30… Mike launches
8:35….I launch   Gawd I love it when the weather Gods agree with the Internet!

My pronghorns were waiting for me and even though I throttled way down they were running hard.  We made a few turns together before I headed over to the gun range to see what was up.
Its a race to the fence!

Mike Bennett carves a turn

The air was mostly good with some twitching.  It got worse above 500ft. so we both stayed low.  Just a nice day, no drama, no issues. 
Nuff Said

Taxi Practice for a new pilot

Author: JoeO

Powered Paraglider pilot since 2005

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